Visiting scholars at CEURUS

Press release — 26 June 2012

Visiting scholars at CEURUS in the fall semester 2012/13

For the Fall semester 2012/13 the Centre for EU-Russia Studies (CEURUS) has received a significant number of applications from researchers wishing to come to Tartu for a short-term research visit in the framework of the CEURUS  visiting scholar scheme.

CEURUS is glad to announce that visiting fellowships have been awarded to the following people:

  • Prof Mikhail Antonov, Director of the Department of Legal Theory and History at the Law Faculty of the Higher School of Economics (National Research University) in St Petersburg (Russia), who will come to Tartu in order ot conduct research and teach on Russian legal philosophy;
  • Dr Lina Klymenko, post-doctoral researcher at the Karelian Institute, University of Eastern Finland, who will come in November to carry out research and give a number of guest lectures on Ukrainian national identity discourses and school history textbook;
  • Dr Ria Laenen, senior research fellow at the Institute for International and European Policy, KU Leuven (Netherlands), who will carry out research and teach;
  • Dr Anke Schmidt-Felzmann, post-doctoral fellow at the Swedish Research Council/Vetenskapradet (VR), University of Stockholm (Sweden), who will carry out research while staying at CEURUS;
  • Dr Alexandr Svetlicinii, researcher at the Department of Law, European University Institute (Italy), who will come to Tartu during the fall semester to carry out research.

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