UPTAKE guest lecture by Aleksandr Golts at Tartu

On Wednesday, September 27, Aleksandr Golts will present his newly published book “Military reform and Militarism in Russia” at the University of Tartu.

The book covers the experience of Russian ambitions to implement military reform. It provides detailed insights into the dynamics of what has been an ongoing struggle to modernize and adjust the Russian armed forces to new challenges. It presents the ambitions and failures of a series of high-profile reformers, and concludes with a discussion of the role of militarism in Russian society.

The book (in Russian) was published by Uppsala University, in its series Acta Universitatis UpsaliensisIt is available as an e-book here.

The lecture and the ensuing Q&A session will be held in English at 10.15-12.00 at Lossi 36-215.

Aleksandr Golts is a Russian journalist who has covered military affairs since the days of Leonid Brezhnev. During his early time at the Soviet Army newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda, he covered the war in Afghanistan first hand. He has also travelled to and covered developments in Cuba and Nicaragua.

In 2001-2004, he served as deputy editor-in-chief of the weekly Moscow-based magazine Yezhenedelnyi journal. During that time, in 2002-2003, he also spent a year as a visiting fellow at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC).

The book he will present was mainly written in 2016, during a six-month stay at Uppsala University’s Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies. At the outset of the current year, he was a visiting fellow at the Kennan institute in Washington, DC. He presently works as deputy editor for web-based news site ej.ru. He also serves as military analyst for the Novoe Vremya (“New Times”) magazine in Moscow.

The lecture is organized in the framework of the project “Building Research Excellence in Russian and East European Studies at the Universities of Tartu, Uppsala and Kent” (UPTAKE), funded from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

More information: Dr Piret Ehin, Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, piret.ehin@ut.ee

Forwarded by:
Maili Vilson
Research Communication Specialist
Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies
University of Tartu