Tartu Conference received the ICCEES Award for International Cooperation

The International Council for Central and East European Studies (ICCEES) has chosen the Tartu Conference on Russian and East European Studies as the first recipient of the Award for the Promotion of International Cooperation.

The aim of the ICCEES award is to recognize international networks of scholars which have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to ICCEES’ aim of global cooperation in scholarship. 

According to the ICCEES Jury, altogether eleven nominations, all contributing to the international diffusion of knowledge and cooperation between institutions and individuals from the former Soviet Union, Asia, Europe, and North America, were received.

The joint statement made by the ICCEES Jury also said that “while it was difficult to single out just one of these networks, … the network created around the Tartu Conference has been truly global.”

Tartu Conference is the only regular international academic forum focusing on the entire region and fully locally organised and managed (by a team based at the University of Tartu). Inaugurated in June 2016 as the flagship event of the Horizon 2020 UPTAKE consortium, it was initially supported by the European Commission, but became a self-standing academic event from 2019 onwards.

Every year, the conference hosts more than 200 participants who come from all over the world. The greatest number, however, are scholars from Central and Eastern Europe and post-Soviet Eurasia, which reflects the conference’s role in promoting high-quality scholarship.

It is estimated that around 25% of all proposals come from scholars who have taken part in the conference before, meaning that it does function as an established network in the region and beyond. There is also a significant presence of doctoral students and early career scholars, who use the conference as a testing ground for their research as well as for academic networking.

Conference website: https://sisu.ut.ee/tartuconference/

For more information, please contact the Academic Convenor of the Conference, Viacheslav Morozov (morozov@ut.ee)