Special seminar

Press release — 25 October 2012

Short course on:

The Routes and Development of Public Choice Theory: Examples from Post-Soviet Russia

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers a special course carried by Professor Rustem Nureev from the Moscow Higher School of Economics (Russia).

Course topics will be:

  • The Routes and Development of Public Choice Theory
  • Political Competition: The Hotelling-Downs Model of Spacial Political Competition: The Russian Case
  • The Size of Government – The Number of Chairmen of the Government as an Indicator of Russian Economic Conditions
  • Power-Property in Post-Soviet Russia as a Path-dependence Problem
  • Political and economic monopolism and administrative resources in post-Soviet Russia
  • Nordhaus-MacRae political business cycle. Partisan political business cycle: Hibs, Alesina and etc. political business cycles. The Russian experience. Is there the forth Power in Russia?


29 October 2012: 10:00-14:00, Narva street 4, room B206

30 October 2012: 10:00-14:00, Narva Street 4, room B206

Intended Audience

The course is appropriatefor both Masters and doctoral students in the field of Economics and Political Science. Course participation will beĀ  rewarded with 1,5 ECTS.

Information and Registration:

Ms Heili Kase: 737 6360; heili.kase[at]mtk.ut.ee