New Publication

Press release — 13 June 2012

A special issue of Review of Central and East European Law (RCEEL), a journal published in cooperation with the Institute of East European Law and Russian Studies of Leiden University, the Universities of Tartu and Graz and the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano has been issued by Brill Publishers.

The special issue was edited by Professor Lauri Mälksoo and contains a symposium entitled “Russia and European Human Rights Law: Progress, Tensions, and Perspectives”. The core of the special issue is formed by three master theses on human rights in Russia that were written at the University of Tartu in the framework of the European Master’s degree in human rights and democratization (E.MA) programme.

RCEEL critically examines issues of legal doctrine and practice in the CIS and CEE regions and offers a forum for discussion of topical questions of public and private law. Its main editor is William B. Simons, who recenty joint the Centre for EU-Russia Studies (CEURUS) as affiliated scholar.

For a full view of the journal’s contents see the RCEEL”s website.