Press release — 13 February 2013

New book edited by Viacheslav Morozov

CEURUS is glad to announce the that the book Decentring the West: The Idea of Democracy and the Struggle for Hegemony, edited by Viacheslav Morozov, Professor of EU-Russia Studies at the Institute of Government and Politics, is about to be released by Ashgate Publishing.Decentring the Westaims to demonstrate the urgent need to revisit the foundations of the global democratic consensus. By examining the views of democracy that exist in the countries on the semiperiphery of the world system such as Russia, Turkey, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil and China, as well as within the core (Estonia, Denmark and Sweden) the authors emphasize the truly universal significance of democracy, also showing the value of approaching this universality in a critical manner, as a consequence of the hegemonic position of the West in global politics. 

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Further information: viacheslav.morozov[at]