Public lecture

Professor Kaj Hober from Uppsala University, Sweden will give a public lecture entitled


on 21 May 2015, 12.15 at Lossi 36, room 214.

The former company of a famous Russian oligarch and oppositioner Mikhail Khodorkovsky Yukos claimed 100 billion USD against Russia and was awarded half of it by international investment arbitrators. Russia rejected the claim but earlier this year, Yukos and Rosneft concluded a business deal annihilating the claim. What does it all mean? How the highest award in history was justified? What are the implications for Russia? Notably, did Moscow reject the Energy Charter because of the Yukos case?

Kaj Hober is a Professor at the Uppsala University (Sweden), Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies and also a famous investment arbitrator, author of a number of articles on Yukos case and on the Energy Charter.

The guest lecture is organized within Jean Monnet Module by the European College of University in Tartu in cooperation with the Centre for the EU Russia Studies (CEURUS).

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