Public lecture

03 April 2013


Prof Mikhail Ilyin from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow will give a public lecture entitled


on 4 April 2013, from 16.00-17.45 at the UT Faculty of Social Sciences and Education, Lossi 36, room 103.

Taking conceptual mapping of Europe by Stein Rokkan as a point of departure, Professor Ilyin undertakes his own analysis of the changing political contours of the area between Baltic and Black sea in history and in present times. He looks for raison d’être of Balto-Pontida (Intermarrium, Międzymorze etc.) as an interface area of historical imperial centers. Balto-Pontic system once formed and reshaped by outlying imperial centers now may develop potential of its own. Ilyin identifies structural properties of the area that may be used or misused by political actors from inside and outside the area.

Mikhail Ilyin is Professor of Political Science and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Politics at the National Research University – Higher School of Economics in Moscow and the Head of the Centre for Advanced Research Methods in Humanities of the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He also teaches comparative politics in MGIMO University in Moscow and in Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad. Ilyin is a Vice-President of the International Political Science Association.

The lecture is organized by the Centre for EU-Russia Studies at the University of Tartu.