Prominent visiting fellow at CEURUS

Press release — 12 February 2014

Former Icelandic Foreign minister is visiting fellow at CEURUS

Yesterday Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson arrived in Tartu to stay as a visiting fellow with CEURUS until the end of March. He will teach a course on “Small States in the International System in Theory and Practice – six case studies”  and will give a lecture in the framework of Traderun program. His research focuses on the role of small states and their place in the international system.

Jón Baldvin Hannibalson is a former minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade (1988-95) and ambassador of Iceland to the United States and Mexico (1998-2002) and to Finland and the Baltic Countries (2002-2005). He has been also a visiting professor and scholar at the University of Iceland and Vilnius University.

During his work as foreign minister, he actively supported the Baltic independence struggle, visiting the Baltic capitals during one of the most dangerous periods when the Soviet tanks rolled in Vilnius and Riga in January 1991. He was also instrumental in making Iceland become the first country of the Western world to recognize the independence of the Baltic States.

Today he is an honorary citizen of Vilnius, Lithuania and recipient of highest honours from the presidents of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. CEURUS and the Institute of Government and Politics is most delighted to welcome Jón Baldvin Hannibalson in Tartu.

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