PhD scholarships 2012

Press release — 29 August 2012

Four new CEURUS PhD scholarships awarded

CEURUS announces that two new full CEURUS PhD scholarships have been awarded to the following candidates:

  • Thomas Linsenmaier, 1st year PhD student in Political Science

Thomas Linsenmaier graduated with a diploma in Political Science at the Free University of Berlin, Germany, where he also worked as teaching assistent. He has previously taught courses at the Tallinn University and worked as intern with the Permanent Mission of Estonia to the United Nations. At the University of Tartu he will pursue a research project about “The interplay between regional international societies – towards a European security architecture?” (supervisor: Prof Viacheslav Morozov)

  • Roman Tskhovrebadze, 1st year PhD student in Political Science

Roman Tskhovrebadze graduated with an LL.M. in Public International and Human Rights Law from the Riga Graduate School of Law, Latvia and with an MA in European Union Politics from the University of Exeter, UK. He has received scholarships from the European Commission as well as from the Open Society Foundation. At the University of Tartu he will pursue a research project about “The Georgie-Russia August 2008 War impact on Georgia’s European integration.” (supervisor: Prof Eiki Berg)

This year CEURUS decided to award two supplementary scholarships to students enrolled on state-funded positions in both the Political Science programme as well as the Law programme:

  • Birgit Poopuu, 3rd year PhD student in Political Science

Title of dissertation project: “The role of identity: the European Union and the process of becoming a ‘peacebuilder'” (supervisor: Dr. Maria Mälksoo)

  • Kerttu Mäger, 1st year PhD student in Law

Title of dissertation project: “Problem areas regarding the Russian Federation’s obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights” (supervisor: Prof Lauri Mälksoo)

The two full PhD stipends awarded in 2011 to Ryhor Nizhnikau and Maili Vilson where extended for a second year based on the two PhD students’ favorable progress review.