Open lectures

On the foreign policy of Germany and Ukraine

Inna Melnykovska from the Free University Berlin/ Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University will be giving two interactive lectures in the framework of two Master level courses of this semester.

  • On December 2, she will speak on the topic of “German Ostpolitik: Evolution and Contemporary Challenges”, at 14.15-16.00, Lossi 36-103 as part of the course “From Ideas to Reality: Europe and Russia”. The class is aimed at unpacking pro and cons arguments for both policy tools of engagement with and containment of Russia with reference to German Ostpolitik. Discussion includes  geopolitical, security, economic and other dimensions of the topic.
  • On December 3, she will give a lecture on “Ukraine’s Foreign Policy: An Apple of Discord or An Active Player in EU-Russia Competition?”, at 14.15-16.00, Lossi 36-304 as part of the course on Foreign Policy Analysis. The class discusses the evolution of Ukraine’s foreign policy in the last two decades, and the sources of its year-long inertia. The case of Ukraine will be deployed in a conflictual field of EU-Russia relations.

Inna Melnykovska holds an M.A. degree in International Relations from Kyiv State University and a Specialist degree in Economics from Ternopil Academy of National Economy. Parallel to her doctoral studies at the Free University of Berlin, Inna Melnykovska held appointments as a research fellow at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy as well as at the Universities of Kiel, Berlin and Giessen. Her research and teaching focus on political transformation, economic liberalization and nation-building in (non-EU) Eastern Europe and Eurasia. She is especially interested in the influences and interactions of external and domestic forces therein. Inna has published her research findings in Journal of Common Market Studies, Europe-Asia Studies, and Post-Soviet Affairs.

The lectures are supported by the Centre for EU-Russia Studies at the University of Tartu.