New publications

Press release, 14 January 2014

Several new issues of EU-Russia Papers published

The beginning of 2014 has seen a new wave of publications in the EU-Russia Papers series issued by the Centre for EU-Russia Studies (CEURUS) at the University of Tartu. As usual they cover a wide range of themes in the field of EU and Russia related research. Thus, legal scholar Irina Nossova (13/2014) gives us a thorough analysis of Russia’s legal behaviour in its maritime domains and about the extent to which Russia’s legal claims in the sea are based on the international law of the sea. Political scientist Elena Pavlova (14/2014) addresses an issue that is less prominently placed on the common EU-Russian agenda, yet still holds considerable potential for damaging relations. Thus she analysis the fight against corruption, as it is defined in Russian and EU discourses. Finally, Finish scholar Pertti Joenniemi (15/2014) examines two border cities in Russia and Norway and analysis the issue of city-twinning in bilateral relations and broader foreign policy.

You are welcome to visit the EU-Russia papers website and explore these and previous issues of the working papers series!