New Jean Monnet Teaching Module

Press release — 28 January 2013

University of Tartu EuroCollege launches a Jean Monnet Module on energy and climate issues

This spring, University of Tartu EuroCollege launches a new teaching module focusing on energy and climate issues in the European and global context. The three-year module, co-financed by the European Commission’s Jean Monnet programme, brings to Tartu a number of high-level foreign experts specializing on energy and environmental issues.

The academic coordinator of the project is Dr Andrey Belyi, Senior Researcher in International Political Economy at the Institute of Government and Politics. Belyi is also associated scholar with the Centre for EU-Russia Studies (CEURUS) and head of its research cluster on Energy & Environment. Foreign experts who will offer lectures and seminars in the framework of the module include Paul Ekins, Professor of energy and environmental policy at London University; Kari Liuhto, Professor of international business at the University of Turku, and Martin Rocholl, Director of the European Climate Policy Foundation.

The activities of the Module will be funded by the European Commission over the next three years. UT’s EuroCollege will develop two new courses and organize a summer school focusing on energy-related topics. In order to reach diverse audiences, two e-courses will also be developed. As knowledge transfer constitutes one of the objectives of the module, foreign experts will also prepare local academic staff for independent management of the module in the future.

The first Jean Monnet course, entitled “Energy Security Policies in Europe” (6 ECTS), will be offered in spring semester 2013. The course provides knowledge of energy policy at the national and private sector level. The legal regulation of the field will be analyzed. The course also discusses various strategies of energy diversification and examines options for reducing risks associated with the disruption of supply. The course targets mostly MA students but is open to UT students at all levels of study (including BA and doctoral students) as well as UT academic staff interested in the topic. The course is open to individuals from outside the University (e.g. public and private sector employees) who will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

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