New Jean Monnet teaching module approved

Press release — 28 June 2012

UT starts a new teaching module on energy and climate policy

The Centre for EU-Russia Studies (CEURUS) is pleased to announce that its application for a new teaching module on energy and climate policy (in the context of EU-Russia reations) has been selected for funding by the EU’s Jean Monnet programme. It was a joint application by CEURUS, the EuroCollege and the Institute of Government and Politics at the University of Tartu.

The objective of the project is to develop and implement a study module on European energy and climate policy at the University of Tartu (Estonia). A new teaching module will be introduced starting in the fall of 2012, consisting of two new courses, a summer school, and two e-courses. During a 3-year pilot phase, the regular courses will be taught twice. To enhance quality, eight outstanding international guest lecturers will be involved in addition to local teaching staff. Modern teaching methodologies will be applied, balancing lectures, individual work and interactive formats. Assessment will be strictly linked to clearly defined learning outcomes.

In addition e-learning classes will be organised. It is expected that at least 50 students will register for e-learning, mostly from the CIS region and from Balkan countries. Local practitioners such as civil servants, politicians and non-governmental organizations will be reached through a summer school on energy and climate policy, held in 2013, and through several public lectures by international guest lecturers.

Integration of energy policy, energy security and climate policy into conventional European studies curricula is still relatively rare. Important European added value of the project is derived from the regional network of experts created. The new teaching module will combine input by renowned guest lecturers from the UK, Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Russia, Germany and France. Moreover, the regional network will serve as a basis for similar integrated teaching modules elsewhere in Europe.

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