National Science Award for CEURUS scholar

Press release –– 09 February 2012

Eiki Berg wins 2012 Estonian National Science Award

Professor Eiki Berg has been awarded the 2012 Estonian National Science Award in the Social Sciences, the Estonian Government announced on February 9. Prof. Berg was acknowledged for his research on “Identities, Conflictual Self-Determination and De Facto States”. His series of journal articles and other publications over the last four years has dealt with the issue of how the right to self-determination among the world’s nations is often in conflict with the principle of states’ territorial integrity, especially when self-determination is interpreted as the right to statehood or independence. Prof. Berg’s case studies of these issues span diverse areas of Europe, including Cyprus, Moldova and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Award will be formally bestowed by Estonia’s Prime Minister Andrus Ansip on February 24.

See also the Estonian Ministry of Education announcement (in Estonian)