Moldova’s recent political trends and future perspectives under Russian hybrid offensive


CEURUS Public Lecture by Valeriu Pașa, a policy expert and chairman of the WatchDog.MD

Friday, 17 March, 12:15–13:45, Lossi 36–306

Valeriu Pașa is policy expert, senior analyst and chairman at the “WatchDog.MD” Community think-tank, a civil society organization. He has worked as researcher, then served in public administration, practiced civic activism and later became a political consultant. He is specialized in advocacy and electoral practices, political developments, media policies, disinformation and propaganda countering. He has the experience of two presidential, five parliamentary and eight local election campaigns as PR and analysis consultant.

Together with other policy experts he founded the ”WatchDog.MD” Community think-tank and implemented various projects aiming to foster public resilience against foreign and domestic disinformation, countering democratic backsliding, foster public debate on key policy issues, promote women in the policy sector, strengthen Moldovan diaspora’s activism, etc. Since 2020, he has been managing an extensive campaign to raise the level of societal resilience against propaganda and disinformation. The role of WatchDog.MD’s campaign was determinant in the 2020 presidential election and 2021 parliamentary election.

During 2022, Valeriu Pașa co-authored, with a group of national experts, a study that defines the short-term threats and risks to the security of the Republic of Moldova.