Maria Reinfeldt, MA


Maria Leek is PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Tartu and a part-time fellow at the Center for EU-Russia Studies. She obtained an M.A. degree in International relations (cum laude) from University of Tartu in spring 2013.

Maria’s research interests include problems at the intersection of European and international politics, discourses about the European Union as a global actor and EU as a conflict manager. Her scholarship is focused on the application of post-structural and post-colonial methodological perspectives. By arguing that there is a competition over speaking on behalf of the European Union and that agencies within the Union are challenging and contributing to the EU’s self-representation as a foreign policy actor, Maria’s dissertation aims to develop unique conceptual and methodological tools for tracing the moving position of the EU Self. The objective of her dissertation is to further our understanding of Europe’s as an actor and normative power in international politics – its ability to promote norms and change international discourses on peace and security.


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