CEURUS Summer School

Press release — 5 June 2011

International Summer School in Kääriku

From 29 May to 4 June the International Summer School “Transformation of Modern Statehood: Sovereignty, Nationhood and Democracy in the Contemporary World” took place in the small village of Kääriku, Estonia. It was organized jointly by the University of Tartu and the High School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow.

This summer school brought together an international team of students and teachers with the goal of discussing problems related to the evolution and transformation of modern statehood. The students discussed about key features of resurging nationalist politics, debates of national identity, including the politics of memory and rivalling historical narratives as well as about discourses of sovereignty, hegemony and the idea of liberal democracy. Altogether 15 students from the Russian Federation and from Estonia took part in the summer school and enjoyed the multiple opportunities for mental and physical activities at the training Centre of Tartu University in Kääriku, south of Tartu, among the rolling hills, woods and lakes of Valgamaa region.

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