International Conference

14 April 2013

International Conference

PUTIN 3.0 ONE YEAR ON: What has changed in Russia?

jointly organised by the UT Center for EU-Russia Studies (CEURUS), The Finnish Institute of Foreign Affairs (FIIA) and Chatham House (UK)

Time and location:  15 April 2013, 09:30-17:00 in the Finish Parliament Annex Auditorium (Pikkuparlamentti), Arkadiankatu 3, Helsinki.

May 2012 witnessed the third inauguration of Vladimir Putin as President of the Russian Federation. The very act of a president stepping down, only to return after a brief interlude, marks this event as a comparative and historical rarity, even if the result simply confirms ‘business as usual’. Putin’s third term as president will undoubtedly build on his first and second terms, as well as Russia’s overall developmental path as seen in the post-Yeltsin period. But one year after Putin’s return to presidential office, there are indications that domestic and international conditions are rapidly changing and that the incoming Putin administration will be forced to re-asses its approach on crucial issues affecting the state.

The international conference aims at taking stock of Russian politics a year after the return of Putin. Researchers from Russia and Europe will analyse key developments in Russia’s domestic politics, defence and security and foreign policy to determine what, if anything, has changed in Russia over the past 12 months.

Please see the conference programme and report!!