Study & Training

CEURUS organizes and hosts short-term, certificate-awarding programmes such as summer schools, winter schools and training programmes on Russian and Eurasian politics, society, economics, foreign policy and culture. CEURUS-affiliated scholars teach in a variety of degree programmes (BA, MA, PhD) offered at the UT, notably at the Johan Skytte Institute for Political Studies, as well as at the faculties of Law and Economics. CEURUS seeks to offer an intellectually stimulating environment for students interested in Russian and Eurasian studies. The Centre and its constituting units welcome international students into their study programmes.

Short Term Programmes

CEURUS organizes a number of short-term programmes, such as summer and winter schools and programmes on a variety of topics on contemporary Russia and Eurasia, including politics, society, economics, foreign policy and culture, in addition to language acquisition. The Centre has cooperated with the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in providing intensive Russia-focused training programmes for civil servants and diplomats, with teaching conducted in Russian and in English. For example, an international training school was held in February 2020 and another in November 2020.

As part of the NearEU Jean Monnet module, CEURUS offered free of charge massive open online courses (MOOCs). The previous MOOCs of the Module included Understanding EU-Russia Relations: Foreign Policy Actors, Institutions and Policy-Making. The course has previously received an e-course quality mark award and attracted more than 1500 participants from all around the world. The main aim of the MOOC was to give participants an introduction to and  an overview of the EU’s and Russia’s foreign policy actors, institutions and frameworks of both entities’ interactions.

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MA Programmes

Scholars affiliated with CEURUS teach in a number of MA Programmes offered by the UT faculties and institutes. The University of Tartu is also a member of two university consortia centred around offering internationally-focused master’s degrees relevant to the field of work at CEURUS. See more at:

PhD Programmes

Scholars affiliated with CEURUS supervise doctoral projects focusing on various the region.

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