RC6: International Law & Human Rights

Coordinator: Prof. Lauri Mälksoo

This research cluster focuses on how the contemporary Russian Federation conceptualizes and applies public international law and European human rights law.  Russia’s involvement in these fields poses a number of specific challenges and questions. Different factors (history as Empire, insufficient liberalism, State-centric value system) contribute to idiosyncrasies in contemporary Russia’s understanding of international law. Research in this area deals both with the State practice and the legal doctrine. Sub-areas such as the law of the use of force, international humanitarian law, international law of the sea, international trade law (everlasting WTO accession negotiations) etc. are studied.

Researcher associated: William Simons, Kerttu Mäger

Cooperations and projects:

RC6 research activities are supported by a European Research Council grant (grant holder: Prof. Lauri Mälksoo, 2009-2014). For detailed information about ongoing and planned projects, please visit the site “Ongoing projects