RC5: Sovereignty, Security & Order

Coordinator: Prof. Eiki Berg

This research cluster analyses the changing dynamics of contested states and disputed sovereignties in areas where EU and Russia’s identities/interests are perceived as incompatible. In the light of Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence and the Georgian-Russian war it raises questions whether international norms of sovereignty and territorial integrity have changed and led to any systemic-level shifts? Moreover, it would be important to inquire how do secessionist entities legitimize their demand for independence: do they emphasize national self-determination and alleged human rights violations, do they stress values such as democracy, or do they simply seek powerful allies? Finally, how sustainable are secessionist entities in EU and Russia common neighbourhood and to what extent does this sustainability depend on the support of a new emerging security environment where EU and Russia are supposed to coordinate their activities?

Researchers associated: Raul Toomla

Cooperation and projects
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