RC1: Governance & Democracy

Coordinator: Prof. Viatcheslav Morozov

This research cluster examines the development of political regimes, models of representation and legitimation, and structures of governance in both the EU and the Russian Federation. Moreover, we study the underlying ideological transformation of the two entities, and the interdependence of these developments. The emphasis will be on ongoing search for legitimacy both in the case of the enlarged European Union and Russia. The additional challenge on the EU side is the problem of representation (of both member states and citizens), as well as changes to the EU’s multi-level governance structures brought by the Lisbon treaty. Special attention will be paid to electoral democracy in the EU and Russia. As for Russia, it is inevitably affected by the normative power of the European project, sometimes seeing it as a partner and at other times as a challenge to its sovereignty. This complex relationship is one of the key factors affecting the prospects of modernisation of the Russian political system and the potential for it resulting in a regime change. The underlying dynamics of ideological Europeanisation and confrontation is crucially important for the future of Europe as a democratic community.

Researchers associated: Piret Ehin, Stefano Braghiroli

Cooperation and projects
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