Prof. Jerry Pankhurst


Dr. Jerry Pankhurst is Professor of Sociology at Wittenberg University (USA) and  a noted scholar of the societies of Russia and the post-Soviet region. He is teaching at Tartu University in the spring semester 2015 as a visiting professor, supported by a DoRa grant as well as CEURUS. This is the second time that Jerry has been teaching at UT, as he came in spring 2012 as a Fulbright scholar to the European College.

Jerry will be teaching two MA-courses, one on “Religion and Politics”, the other on “Family problems and Demographic Crisis in the Russian Federation and Eurasia.” He will also co-organise already for the third time an international workshop on religion and politics, entitled: “Gender, Sexuality and Reproduction in Central and Eastern Europe: Religious Actors and Secular Norms in Contentious Politics”, to take place in Tartu in May 2015.

Prof Pankhurst did pioneering sociological studies on Soviet society and religion in the 1980s and published two collections that demarcated the field. He teaches on post-Soviet societies, sociology of religion and political sociology. He also has developed a teaching and research specialization on Islam and Islamic societies,  with special interest in Egypt. Prof Pankhurst’s recent research focuses on the growing engagement of the Russian Orthodox Church in European affairs and related issues of religion and churches in EU-Russia relations.

For more information, please visit Wittenberg University faculty pages.