• Panel discussion on Ukraine

    27 February -- Expert discussion on the Euromaidan, its origins and repercussions Read more

  • Public lecture

    19 February -- Luca Verzichelli speaks about elite circulation between domestic and European institutions Read more

  • Public lecture

    5 Nov -- Alexander Sergunin speaks about myths and reality of a coming "Arctic Age' Read more

  • Public lecture

    6 Nov--A. Tsygankov speaks about “Understanding Russia’s Shift toward the Language of Civilization.” Read more

  • Public lecture

    24 Oct--A. Makarychev and A. Yatsyk speak about global sports events in world politics Read more

  • Public lecture

    24 Oct -- Alexander Golts will speak about military reform in Russia Read more

  • Book presentation

    18 Oct -- New Book on Russia's Changing Economic and Political Regime Read more

  • Public Lecture

    9 September -- Dr. Anatole Boute will speak about EU and Russian Energy Policies Read more

  • Special seminar

    20 May -- Tatiana Romanova and Viacheslav Morozov at a special seminar on EU-Russian energy dialogue Read more

  • Public lecture

    29 April -- Patrick Heather speaks about European Gas Hubs Dynamics Read more