EU-Russia Papers

The EU-Russia Paper Series disseminates research, analysis and commentary on topics and issues relevant to the contemporary agenda of EU-Russia relations. Launched in September 2011, the series publishes contributions by experts, academics and practitioners.

The editor of the series is Martin Mölder.

Disclaimer: CEURUS undertakes quality control in editing its publications. However, the opinions expressed in the Centre’s publications are those of the authors and contributors, and do not necessarily reflect those of CEURUS, the University of Tartu or the organization to which the authors are affiliated.


Maili VILSON“Elections in the Eastern Neighbourhood after the renewed European Neighbourhood Policy.” EU-Russia Papers No. 19 (June 2014).

Christopher S. BROWNING and Pertti JOENIEMI: “Karelia as a Finnish-Russian Issue: Re-negotiating the Relationship between National Identity, Territory and Sovereignty.EU-Russia Papers No. 18 (May 2014)

Andrey DEVYATKOV: “Giving ‘Asymmetric Response’ to the EU: Russian Soft Power Experiment in Transnistria.EU-Russia Papers No. 17 (March 2014).

Elena KROPATCHEVA: Ukraine’s EU Integration During the Presidency of Viktor Yanukovych. EU-Russia Papers No. 16 (February 2014).

Pertti JOENNIEMI: “City-Twinning as Local Foreign Policy: The Case of Kirkenes-Nickel.” EU-Russia Papers No. 15 (January 2014)

Elena PAVLOVA: “Fight Against Corruption in Russian and European Discourse: ‘Irreconcilable Differences’?” EU-Russia Papers No. 14 (January 2014)

Irina NOSSOVA“Russia’s Strive from the Land to the Sea Based on International Law and Doctrine of Sovereignty.” EU-Russia Papers No. 13 (January 2014)


Aliaksei KAZHARSKI“Eurasian Regionalism as an Identitarian Enterprise: Representation of European Other in Russian Discourse on Eurasian Integration.”   EU-Russia Papers No. 12 (December 2013)

Andrey MAKARYCHEV and Alexander SERGUNIN: “The Russian Presidency in the Council of Baltic Sea States: Thin Socializaton, Deficient Soft Power?” EU-Russia Papers No. 11 (October 2013)

Andrey MAKARYCHEV: “Regionalism and Identities in the Common Neighborhood: European and Russian Discourses.” EU-Russia Papers No. 10 (September 2013).

Serghei GOLUNOV: “Malpractices in the Russian Higher Education System: Implications for EU-Russian Education and Science Cooperation.” EU-Russia Papers No. 9 (March 2013).

Stefano BRAGHIROLI: “Voting on Russia in the European Parliament: the Role of National and Party Group Affiliations” EU-Russia Papers No. 8 (February 2013).

Lina KLYMENKO: “Making Sense of World War II: How Russian and Ukrainian Textbooks Foster National Identities.” EU-Russia Papers No. 7 (January 2013).


Katri PYNNÖNIEMI: “Russia and Eurasian Economic Space: The Case of ‘Strategic Partnership 1520’.” EU-Russia Papers No. 6 (July 2012).

Peter VAN ELSUWEGE: Towards a Modernisation of EU-Russia Legal Relations?” EU-Russia Papers No. 5 (June 2012).

Eiki BERG and Martin MÖLDER: “Janus-Faced Human Security Discourse: EU and Russia Talking Past Each Other in Kosovo and the Caucasus?” EU-Russia Papers No. 4 (May 2012).

Pami AALTO: “From separate Policies to Dialogue? Natural Gas, Oil and Electricity on the Future Agenda of EU-Russia Energy Relations.” EU-Russia Papers No. 3 (March 2012)


Tatiana ROMANOVA: “The Level-of-Analysis Problem in the Past, Present and Future of EU-Russia Relations.” EU-Russia Papers No. 2 (Nov. 2011)

Anatoly KOVLER: “Human Rights in a Contemporary Society and European Values: Critique of Eurocentrism.” EU-Russia Papers No. 1 (Sept. 2011)