Research Profile

CEURUS coordinates and facilitates research in the field of Eurasian and Russian studies, bringing together scholars with diverse disciplinary backgrounds, from the University of Tartu and beyond. The research mission of CEURUS is to combine state-of-the art methodological skills with in-depth knowledge of the geographical areas concerned in order to conduct high-quality research that responds to the interests and needs of the scholarly community, policy-makers and society at large.

CEURUS focuses on a complex set of issues and relationships that structure the vast Eurasian space, historically shaped by the Russian empire and the Soviet project. These complex legacies, along with the experience of the post-Soviet transformation, define Eurasian and Russian Studies as a distinct research area. Understanding this region’s place in a the changing world requires interdisciplinarity, local knowledge and global awareness. CEURUS sees its mission in encouraging free scholarly debate across disciplinary and geographical boundaries.

The research activities of the Centre for Eurasian-Russian Studies are currently organized around a number of research priorities based on externally funded research projects. The Centre puts special emphasis on training  and advising young scholars, serving as a contact point for graduate students and UT faculty working in this field. Last but not least, scholars affiliated with the Centre continue to conduct policy-relevant research and contribute to the public debate.