Guest lecture by Prof Schlögel on the Russian Revolution

On Monday, 20 November, Professor Emeritus Karl Schlögel will deliver a guest lecture titled “Beyond the Horizon: The Russian Revolution seen from afar”. The lecture takes place at Lossi 36-305 at 12.15. After the lecture, refreshments will be served.

Abstract of the lecture:

Historiography is, as the Russian poet Alexander Blok stressed, not only about „calendar time“, not only about dates, events, places, but about „historic time“. For us, living 100 years after the Russian Revolution it is an epistemological challenge to find a way back into the turmoils and upheavals of 1917, into the ways of perception and perspectives of the people involved, as subjects or objects. To rethink that history is not only a problem of the present day Russian government, but of the scholarly community as well.

Karl Schlögel (1948) is Professor Emeritus of East European History at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) and he is widely regarded as one of the most prominent historians of Eastern Europe in Germany. He has published a number of books in German about Eastern Europe and Russia, including Petersburg 1909-1921. Laboratorium der Moderne (1988/2002), Das Russische Berlin: Ostbahnhof Europas (1998/2007), Terror und Traum. Moskau 1937 (2008), Entscheidung in Kiew (2015).

His most recent book is Sowjetisches Jahrhundert. Archäologie einer untergegangenen Welt (2017).

The lecture is organised in cooperation with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Estonia.

Forwarded by:
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