Funding for EP candidate research

Press release, 9 August 2012

European Parliament Committee funds UT research on independent electoral candidates

A group of University of Tartu (UT) political scientists and lawyers around CEURUS director and researcher Piret Ehin has been awarded a research contract (55.000 Euro) by the Committee of Constitutional Affairs of the European Parliament in order to perform a study on “Independent candidates in national and European elections“ due by February 2013.

The study will contain the following major elements:

  1. Defining independence
  2. Electoral strength of independent candidates in EU-27
  3. Electoral system effects on the presence and performance of independents
    – Type of election (national, European, regional)
    – Age of the electoral system
    – Ballot access requirements
    – Seat allocation procedures
    – Campaign financing and advertising rules
  4. Electoral rules on independent candidates in EU-27
    – Empirical overview of relevant electoral rules in EU-27
    – Testing for electoral system effects in EU-27
  5. Other factors that affect the presence and performance of independent candidates
    – Robustness of the voter-party linkage
    – Political supply and gaps in representation
    – Information and communication technologies in electoral campaigns
  6. Voter profiles: individual-level correlates of voting for independent candidates
  7. Independent candidates in office

For more information, please conteact the research team leader Dr. Piret Ehin