Election Analysis Seminar on the presidential election in Russia

The Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies invites you to the next event in our Election Analysis Series:
Presidential Elections in Russia: the Paradox of 2018 on Tuesday, 20 March at 16:15, Lossi 36-214.

On March 18, Vladimir Putin will be elected President of the Russian Federation for the fourth term. Despite the fact that we already know the winner, many questions are still in the air: Will the desired 70-70 (a win of 70% of the vote with a turnout of 70%) be achieved and, if not, what does it mean? How to interpret the results of other candidates? What kind of Russia will we see in the future? The lack of real elections does not mean that politics is gone for good. Social tension is visibly rising, Russia has its own culture and memory wars, and the long-term support of the regime is by no means guaranteed. Professor Viacheslav Morozov will lead the discussion on these and other issues as we jointly reflect on what it means for Russia, Estonia and international relations more broadly.

All are welcome!

Forwarded by:
Maili Vilson
Research Communication Specialist
Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies
University of Tartu
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