Course on Media in Russia

Euro College, University of Tartu invites MA students of the social sciences to take part in a newly created course “Media in Russia” (P2EC.00.197 3 ECTS). The subject focuses on the situation of journalism in the current Russian Federation. What is the role of media in Russia and what kind of development have different media undergone during the past twenty years?

In the Russian Federation media performs a substantial role in affecting results of political elections, attitudes towards internal and foreign affairs, business, etc. Therefore it is important to understand what kind of information people receive through media, how they process it, and which sources they trust. There are significant variations in media developments in different regions and as a result, we can witness, for example, differences in support for the leading party. In order to understand the ongoing processes the course will explain the main media developments since 1985, the structure of the mass media and the attitude among the locals towards censorship.

Lecturer is a senior researcher Dr. Jukka Pietiläinen from University of Helsinki, Aleksanteri Institute. His research interests include Russian mass media, foreign news flow and Russian society in general. Dr. Pietiläinen is currently finishing a book on Russian magazines.

The course is open for registration until 4 March 2013 in the Study Information System (SIS). For final evaluation it is necessary to participate actively in lectures and write an essay or implement lecture diary. Teaching is fully in English and is open for MA students.

See also the announcement as .pdf