Cooperation with Ukrainian Think Tank Development Initiative

On 22 March and 19 April 2016, CEURUS welcomed two groups of student-interns from the Think Tank Development Initiative (TTDI) in Ukraine  interested in learning about how think tanks and research centres function and affect policy in the Baltic states.

TTDI was originally created by the International Renaissance Foundation in cooperation with the Think Tank Fund of the OSF and financially supported by the Swedish Embassy. The student-intern groups were composed of twenty senior and post-graduate students from various universities and regions of Ukraine, who then started their internships with partner think tanks under TTDI. As interns, they have been engaged in various research activities and advocacy event planning.

CEURUS TTDI visitors

Group of TTDI student-interns on their 19 April visit

During the group’s one-day visit to Tartu, Dr Piret Ehin introduced the activities of CEURUS, and discussed the role of academic competence centers and their potential to make a contribution to the society. Her presentation and subsequent group discussion, with additional commentary from guests Prof Andrey Makarychev and Prof Stefano Braghiroli from the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, offered the students a broader understanding of the every-day work of European policy and academic institutions, as well as ways in which they can participate in and work for them.

Examples of both academic and policy-oriented work produced by CEURUS-affiliated scholars were given and discussed. Students took a particular interest in understanding the work and impact of CEURUS, including its collaboration with think tanks, policy centers and scholars in Ukraine, Russia and neighboring countries.  After the discussion, the student-interns were given a tour of the university campus.

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