CfP: Eastern Platform Seminar, 16-17 October 2020

The seminar constitutes an opportunity for researchers and practitioners from very different disciplinary areas to debate and fruitfully discuss potential future practical and conceptual scenarios that might characterize the region in the years to come. It has also the ambition to shed light on the short- and mid-term evolution of the crisis in terms of bilateral relations (i.e. stabilization, normalization, and frozen conflict) and its impact.

Eastern Platform 2020: Germany’s EU Presidency and the Post-COVID Europe: Liberal? Post-liberal? Illiberal?

The 6th seminar is expected to take place on 16-17 October, 2020 and it will focus on liberalism and freedoms in the illiberal era. This year’s seminar will be supported by Kapuscinski Development Lectures (UNDP), and the Embassy of Germany in Estonia.


Application deadline: 1 September 2020

The organizers of the seminar welcome contributions on the developments in the relations between EU, Russia, and the post-Soviet space and the respective interactions, from different disciplinary and methodological perspectives including politics, history, economics, anthropology, sociology, geography, semiotics, and media studies. Contributions are expected to address the multidimensionality of the current developments and the future patterns and relevant cleavages in the Eurasian political and cultural space. Comparative analytical perspectives are particularly encouraged.

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