Book presentation

Press release — 10 October 2013

New Book on Russia’s Changing Economic and Political Regime
(see the book announcement on uttv)

The Centre for EU-Russia Studies (CEURUS) is glad to announce the presentation of a new book and adjacent seminar on 18 October 2013. Prof Andrey Makarychev (University of Tartu) and Prof Andre Mommen (University of Amsterdam) will present their new co-edited volume entitled Russia’s Changing Economic and Political Regimes: The Putin years and afterwards (Routledge 2013). The presentation takes place in form  of a special day-long seminar  in which the authors of individual chapters from Russia, the UK, the Netherlands, and Finland, as well as other leading experts on contemporary Russia will reflect on Russian political trajectories under the current regime, its cultural landscape and economic prospects.

The event will take place in the building  Ülikooli 20, III. Floor and will start at 10:00 (approx. end 17:15). All are welcome to register to the seminar by clicking here!

The book deals with the social, ideological and economic changes that have occurred in Russia since 2000, a period also called the Putin era. The large-scale demonstrations and protest actions in Russia that erupted immediately after the State Duma election on 4 December 2011 illustrate the deep crisis of the model of governance instituted by Vladimir Putin more than a decade ago. The book address a number of questions pertinent to the discourses of power and resistance, the new social media, the new urban middle class, cross-border and trans-national projects, energy security, and Russia’s relations with its neighbors (the EU, Ukraine, China and others).

Please visit the Routledge websites for more information about the book!

A detailed programme can be downloaded here