6th International Winterschool in Kääriku

The State and the Body: Borders, Security and Refugee Crisis

Kääriku, Estonia, 15-20 February 2016

 The University of Tartu and the Higher School of Economics, Moscow are organizing winter school “The State and the Body: Borders, Security and the Refugee Crisis”.

This school is part of an international project “Escapes from Modernity” which has been organizing Summer and Winter Schools since 2007. In February 2016, the school will keep exploring different dimensions of biopolitics, biopower and corporeality and relate them with domestic and foreign policies of major international actors. This year we shall particularly focus on various facets of global migration flows and refugees problems that raise a number of acute issues of borders, boundaries and securitization.

The learning process consists of lectures and interactive classes based on students’ inclusive participation. Basic knowledge in social theories, along with skills in comparative and critical analysis based independent thinking are welcome and strongly encouraged.

Members of the organizing committee are Andrey Makarychev (University of Tartu), Eiki Berg (University of Tartu) and Igor Tomashov (Higher School of Economics) – (for Russian students).

Additional information: Prof Andrey Makarychev, andrey.makarychev@ut.ee, +372 737 5668.