Public Lectures on Russian Economy

Press release — 22 April 2012

trade * political economy * financial crisis * modernization * infrastructure * investments *defence industry * regional integration* etc

Organized by the Centre for EU-Russia Studies and the EuroCollege, University of Tartu

24 April  – 30 May  2012

University of Tartu Social Sciences Building, Lossi 36-103


Prof Peter van Elsuwege (University of Ghent)

Dr Katri Pynnöniemi (Finnish Institute of International Affairs)

The lectures (free of charge) are open to University of Tartu students and the general public.

The lectures are held in English. Interested individuals can attend selected lectures or the entire series (13 lectures). Everyone is welcome!

Please register by sending an email to Ryhor Nizhnikau, the series coordinator, at Please indicate the dates of the lectures you plan to attend (see schedule below).

Schedule of lectures

All lectures take place at Lossi 36-103, with the exception of the lecture on May 3rd, which takes place in the UT Main Building, Ülikooli 18, room 128.

April 24, 12.15-14.00 Peter van Elsuwege The Legal Framework of EU-Russia Trade Relations
April 25, 14.15-16.00 Peter van Elsuwege Russia’s initiatives for regional trade integration and its 

(in)compatibility with the EU-Russia legal framework

April 27, 12.15-14.00 Peter van Elsuwege Topical issues in EU-Russia trade relations
May 2,
Katri Pynnöniemi Political Economy of Putinism: core ideas, agencies and 

governance practices

May 3,
Peter van Elsuwege Towards a Modernization of EU-Russia Legal Relations?

Tartu University Main Building, Ülikooli 18, room 128

May 7,
Katri Pynnöniemi State Capitalism in Russia: comparison to other BRIC 

countries, national champions policy, examples

May 9
Katri Pynnöniemi Financial and Economic Crisis in Russia 2008-2009: A 

Missed Opportunity?

May 14, 10.15-12.00 Katri Pynnöniemi President Medvedev’s modernization agenda: policy 

priorities, political context, priority sectors

May 16
Katri Pynnöniemi Investment climate and FDI
May 21
Katri Pynnöniemi Infrastructure and the restructuring of economy: the 

case of RzD

May 23
Katri Pynnöniemi Russia in 2020: defense industry as a motor of 

innovation economy?

May 28
Katri Pynnöniemi Political constrains on Russia’s economic modernization
May 30
Katri Pynnöniemi Summary and conclusions: current Russia in historical perspective

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