Special MA course offered

News — 02 September 2011

The Centre for EU-Russia Studies (CEURUS) and EuroCollege at the University of Tartu offer an intensive MA-level course on EU-Russia relations entitled

Russia and the European Union in a Multiregional World: Towards Common Neighborhood Policies (P2EC.00.182, 6 ECTS)

The course is open to all UT MA students as well as  BA-students in the advanced stages of their studies. The course is supported by CEURUS’ Visiting Scholar Scheme.

Instructor: Andrey Makarychev, Professor of International Relations in Linguistic University and Professor of Political Science in Public Service Academy (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) and Visiting Professor at the Free University of Berlin.

Schedule: lectures and seminars take place between September 19 and 29th, 2011. For more information, see ÕIS (P2EC.00.182) or contact Aigi Hommik at aigi.hommik@ut.ee

Course description: The course focuses on the idea of multiregionalism and its projection into the sphere of the EU–Russia relationship. Students will familiarize themselves with different experiences of region-building and region-making in Europe and its periphery. More specifically, the key issues to be raised and discussed are:

  • how to conceptualize the variety of region-building projects both within Europe and at its margins?
  • are all of these compatible with globalization, or do some of them only strengthen state-centric and balance-of-power type of relations?
  • in which ways are the practices of multiregionalism related to the ideas of multilateralism and multipolarity?
  • how different are the attitudes of Russia and the EU to the experiences of region-building in which these two subjects are in one way or another involved?
  • what are the prospects that the EU and Russia will more closely coordinate their policies in the neighboring areas?

Those interested should register before 20 September 2011 via the Study Informations System (SIS/ÕIS) or by sending an email to Aigi Hommik (aigi.hommik@ut.ee)

More informationa about EuroCollege’s MA programme “EU-Russia Studies” (EURUS)