Professor Lauri Mälksoo receives prestigious international prize

Lauri Mälksoo, Professor of International Law at the University of Tartu, received the prestigious Peregrinus Foundation prize. The prize has been awarded biennially since 1996 by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences.

The prize was conferred on 1 December in Potsdam.

The prize may be awarded to scholars from Eastern and Southeastern Europe for outstanding achievements in science. The scholars should be regarded as young, relative to their achievements. Previous prizewinners have come from Russia, Poland, Romania and Croatia. Lauri Mälksoo is the first scholar from the Baltic States to receive the prize.

By awarding the prize, the Academy recognized Professor Mälksoo’s research on the Russian concept of international law, in particular ‘Russian Approaches to International Law’, published by Oxford University Press in 2015.  The interdisciplinary research comprises the most thorough overview of the last half-century on the development of international law in Russia, linking history with contemporary developments.

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