Study & Training

CEURUS organizes and hosts short-term, certificate-awarding programmes such as summer schools, winter schools and training programmes on Russian and East European politics, society, economics, foreign policy and culture.. CEURUS-affiliated scholars teach in a variety of degree programmes (BA, MA, PhD) offered at the UT, notably at the Johan Skytte Institute for Political Studies, as well as at the faculties of Law and Economics.  CEURUS seeks to offer an intellectually stimulating environment for students interested in Russian and East European studies as well as EU-Russia relations. The Centre and its constituting units welcome international students into their study programmes.

MA Programmes

Scholars affiliated with CEURUS teach in a number of MA Programmes offered by the UT faculties and institutes. The University of Tartu is also a member of two university consortia centred around offering internationally-focused master’s degrees relevant to the field of work at CEURUS.

PhD Programmes

Scholars affiliated with CEURUS also supervise doctoral projects focusing on various aspects of the EU-Russia relationship.

Short Term Programmes

CEURUS organizes a number of short-term programmes, such as summer and winter schools and programmes on a variety of topics on contemporary Russia, including politics, society, economics, foreign policy and culture, in addition to language acquisition. CEURUS-affiliated scholars are currently teaching in an intensive 18-month long Russia-focused training programme for civil servants and diplomats organized by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Other recent training programmes include four training schools for PhD students and postdocs organized in the framework of the UPTAKE project (LINK), a series of joint winter schools with the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, autumn schools with Freie Universität Berlin and the Aleksanteri Institute, as well as a series of summer schools for Ukrainian graduate students and young professionals supported from the Development Cooperation programme of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  CEURUS is ready to offer tailor-made programmes on Russia and Eastern Europe in the future, and is open to collaboration with a wide variety of partners, including universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations to meet the needs of diverse target groups.