Research priorities

Governance & Democracy (Viacheslav Morozov, Piret Ehin)
This research cluster examines the development of political regimes, models of representation and legitimation, and structures of governance in both the EU and the Russian Federation.
Borders, Regions & Neighborhood (Andrey Makarychev)
The focus of this research cluster is on the diverse practices of bordering that take place in Europe today and,  in the final analysis, play a decisive role in shaping European identity.
History & Memory (Heiko Pääbo)
This research cluster explores the political contestation between different mnemonic communities and memory regimes of the EU and Russia over the right to shape a common European understanding and remembrance of WWII and Soviet communism.
Sovereignty, Security & Order (Eiki Berg)
This research cluster analysis the changing dynamics of contested states and disputed sovereignties in areas where the EU and Russia’s identities/interests are perceived as incompatible.
International Law & Human Rights (Lauri Mälksoo)
This research cluster focuses on how the contemporary Russian Federation conceptualizes and applies public international Law and European human rights law.