PhD scholarships

CEURUS funds a number of Ph.D. positions in the framework of doctoral programmes in Political Science and Law at the University of Tartu (see the list of current and past CEURUS PhD fellows below).

Please note that while CEURUS will continue to finance Ph.D. students already enrolled in the relevant programmes, however, no new grants are being awarded after 2013. Individuals seeking admission into doctoral programmes at the University of Tartu are advised to contact the coordinators of the relevant Ph.D. programmes to inquire about other available funding options.

CEURUS hosted a number of visiting Ph.D. students between 2011 and 2014. Read here about current funding opportunities for visiting students.

CEURUS Doctoral Fellows:

Maria Reinfeldt (Political Science, funding 2013-2014)
Project: “Conceptualizing the European Union as an international actor: an analysis of the moving position of the EU’s Self and the construction of Europe from within”
Supervisor: Prof Viacheslav Morozov

Thomas Linsenmaier (Political Science, funding 2012-2014)
Project: “The interplay between regional international societies – towards a European security architecture?”
Supervior: Viacheslav Morozov

Roman Tskhovrebadze (Political Science, funding 2012-2013)
Project: “The Georgia-Russia August 2008 War impact on Georgia’s European integration”
Supervisor: Eiki Berg

Birgit Poopuu (Political Science, funding 2012-2014)
Project: “The role of identity: the European Union and the process of becoming a ‘peacekeeper'”
Supervisor: Maria Mälksoo

Kerttu Mäger (Law, funding 2012-2014)
Project: “The interaction of the Council of Europe and the Russian Federation regarding human rights issues in Russia”
Supervisor: Lauri Mälksoo

Maili Vilson (Political Science, funding 2011-2014)
Project: “A Comparative Study of the European Neighbourhood Policy: European Union’s Policies in the Eastern and Southern Neighbourhood in the Context of the Arab Spring”
Supervisor: Viacheslav Morozov

Ryhor Nizhnikau (Political Science, funding 2011-2014)
Project: “EU Foreign Policy and Democracy Promotion in the Eastern Neighborhood”
Supervisor: Viacheslav Morozov

Raul Toomla (Political Science, funding 2011-2012)
Project: “De Facto States in the International System: Conditions for (In-)formal Engagement”
Supervisor: Eiki Berg