• Public lecture

    6 March -- Alexander Lomanov will speak about the change of leadership in China Read more

  • Course on Media in Russia

    MA course by guest lecturer Dr. Jukka Pietiläinen from the Aleksanteri Institute (Helsinki) Read more

  • New Jean Monnet Teaching Module

    Start of the new three-year teaching module on energy and climate issues this spring semester Read more

  • Public lecture

    3 December - Hiski Haukkala speaks about the role of national perspectives in the EU's Russia policy Read more

  • Public lecure

    29 November -- Evgeniya Bakalova speaks about "Heterogeneous Representations of 'Democracy' in Russian Online Debates" Read more

  • Public lecture

    29 October -- Anke Schmidt-Felzmann will speak about EU's Performance in Relation to Russia Read more

  • Public lecture

    1 Nov -- Alexandr Svetlicinii will speak about EU competition law Read more

  • Public lecture

    25 October - Ria Laenen will speak about the Eurasian Union Project and Russia's Ambitions Read more

  • Special seminar

    29/30 October -- Special course on Public Choice Theory by Prof R. Nureev Read more

  • Public lectures

    15 and 17 October - Kathryn Hendley will speak on Law in Russia Read more